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Leo Delperdang and his family

About Representative Delperdang

Representative  Delperdang was born in 1962 in Sioux City, Iowa. His father died two years later in 1964 and he was raised in a single parent home.  After graduating High School, Leo put himself through college, his first Undergraduate College Degree was in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Communications. He then earned a second Undergraduate Degree in Business from Newman University; then proceeding on to complete his Master’s Degree from Newman University several years later.


Leo currently holds several technical Certifications and Federal Government Licenses for Electronic Communications during his  25 years with AT&T and Bell Laboratories. He retired during the Spring of 2012. Representative Delperdang went on to work for  7 years with Koch Industries as Director of Voice, Data, & Communications Infrastructures.


Leo and his Wife, Connie, moved to Wichita in late 1989 and reside in the 94th Kansas House District. They have two sons, ages 19 and 22. He is an 8 year member of the Kansas Patriot Guard, honoring our fallen military & law enforcement.


In November 2016, Leo Delperdang was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives. He currently serves on the following House of Representative Committees:  Utilities & Telecom;  Corrections & Juvenile; Transportation & Safety Budgets; and Military & Veteran Affairs.

Kansas District 94 Map
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